DSCOVR Flies On Its Own

The Falcon 9 sprung the DSCOVR spacecraft free on schedule to coast toward the L1 point on its own. Data shows that the spacecraft is healthy and getting ready to deploy its solar panels.

2 thoughts on “DSCOVR Flies On Its Own”

  1. Fantastic launch, another great job done by SpaceX. It’s fantastic to see this company continuing to have space success, and I can’t wait to see the rocket make a successful landing on the barge. I understand that the weather was not suitable for today’s attempt.

    With regards the climate satellite, will it be able to measure the effects on climate change from the effects of Chemtrails and HAARP?


  2. Hi,

    I have looked in vain for something that tells what the trajectory that DSCOVR will take on its flight to L1. It appears that it was launched in the opposite direction of L1, is it simply going to orbit Earth and then head out? Will it get a gravity assist from the moon? What is the trajectory?



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