2 thoughts on “Liftoff Photos”

  1. The wife and I was traveling across the Neuse River bridge in New Bern N.C. around 6:15 pm during sunset and could see the exhaust path towards the south. She and I witnessed the same cloud structure a few years ago after a shuttle lift. Seeing that same cloud formation triggered my memory and the wife looked up to see if anything had recently took off for space, and low and behold NASA has done it again. Stay on the same path!!!

  2. I saw it! I happened to look up while driving east on County Line Rd in Wesley Chapel and saw something tubular glinting in the sun. I told myself it wouldn’t be a plane at that upright angle. As I drove out from under a canopy of trees, I saw the spiral plume of white smoke in its trail. Simply beautiful! This is not something you get to see every day and, at my age, left me in awe. Thank you for this treat!

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