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Have any questions about NASA eClips™ video segments or the use of these segments?  Post them here and we’ll get right back to you.


4 thoughts on “NASA eClips™ Questions?”

  1. January 12,2010 there were several items on the web about a “MYSTERY Object” which would pass by Earth on the 13th? 14? What was it? Did any telescope get a picture of it. Just curious. There were so many items about it coming, but I haven’t seen one about it since then.

  2. You can find out more about the “mystery object” by visiting NASA’s Near Earth Object Program page,

    You’ll see that NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office says that the the object was most likely an asteroid because it had a steep, eccentric orbit that didn’t match up with any recent rocket launches.

    Always fun to keep an eye on the sky, isn’t it?

  3. I already have a MyNasa account, but it appears that I have to set up a new one in order to bookmark eclips on the MyNasa page. How can I bookmark eclips on the MyNasa Playlist, using the page I already set up?

  4. Yes … you CAN bookmark the NASA eClips page within MyNASA.

    Log into your MyNASA account.

    Then go to “Home” … this will take you back to the NASA Homepage.

    Then go to the NASA eClips page.

    To the upper right, look for “Share.” Then scroll through the list until you see “MyNASA.”

    This will bookmark the NASA eClips page for you.

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