NASA Education Express — Nov. 24, 2010

Check out the following NASA opportunities for the education community. Full descriptions are listed below.

NASA’s Know Your Earth Project
Audience: All Educators and Students

DLiNFocus: NASA Careers ‘What’s in Your Future?’Special Event Series
Audience: 5-12 Educators and Students
Event Date: Multiple dates beginning on Dec. 1, 2010

2011NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition
Audience: Higher Education Educators andStudents
Registration Deadline: Feb. 28, 2011


NASA’s Know Your Earth Project

This summer marked the nationwide release of the new, multi-mission educationand public outreach project named “Know Your Earth.” This project is acollaboration between 11 Earth-observing missions. It promotes understandingour planet and climate change through a fun, light-hearted and engagingthree-minute video segment that has been released in almost 300 movie theatersnationwide as part of National CineMedia’s Lobby Entertainment Network. Thisvideo segment plays on screens in theater lobbies in more than 40 states,including major movie-going venues in Los Angeles, New York and Orlando.

The main purpose of the video segment is to reach a major audience, themovie-going public that might not seek out this scientific information on aregular basis. The video is designed to inspire all age groups and to furtherinterest in learning about climate change.

Included with the Know Your Earth Segment is a 30-second video entitled “NASAReveals a Most Unusual Planet,” which shows just how unusual our planet reallyis.

This video segment is also available for museums, science centers,planetariums, parks, nature centers, zoos, aquariums and more.

To learn more about the project and to view the videos online, visit

Inquiries about the Know Your Earth project should be directed to project leadBrian Campbell at


DLiNFocus: NASA Careers ‘What’s in Your Future?’Special Event Series

Various subject matter experts from differentNASA centers will be in the Digital Learning Network studios for a series ofwebcasts focusing on careers. Selected classrooms will be able to interact livewith the scientists face to face through the DLN cameras. Each event will bewebcast to allow students from all over the world to watch the interviews. Anystudent can interact by sending questions via e-mail.

Experts will share their academic experiences from elementary through collegeand talk about what motivated them to pursue their careers. They will discusswhere those career paths lead. Students and teachers will have an opportunityto learn about the wide variety of career choices at NASA — astronauts aren’tthe only folks who work here! The schedule of events through December includes:

Dec. 1: Marshall Space Flight Center featuring Tristan Curry — AerospaceEngineer.
Dec. 8: Dryden Flight Research Center featuring Kathleen Stanton — Nurse.
Dec. 15: Glenn Research Center featuring Mike Foreman — former astronautand current Chief of External Programs at GRC.

Each hour-long webcast event begins at 2 p.m. ET.

Sign up today to become a part of this exciting opportunity to meet NASAemployees live! For more information, visit the DLN website at and click the Special Eventsbutton.

Inquiries about the DLiNFocus series should be directed to Caryn Long at


2011 NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition

NASA is challenging U.S. and internationalundergraduate and graduate student teams to design and build aremote-controlled or autonomous excavator that could be used on the moon. Theexcavator must be able to collect and deposit a minimum of 10 kilograms (22pounds) of lunar simulant in 15 minutes.

Design teams must include one faculty advisor from a college or university andtwo or more undergraduate or graduate students. A group of universities maywork in collaboration, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Selected teams will compete in the Lunabotics Mining Competition at NASA’sKennedy Space Center in Florida on May 23-28, 2011.

Teams must apply no later than Feb. 28,2011. There will be a limited number of teams allowed to compete.

For more information about the competition and to apply online, visit

Please e-mail any questions about this opportunity to Susan Sawyer at


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