Happy Easter from The International Space Station

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I am writing this very early Easter morning. I took pictures of the Holy Land and other areas in the region yesterday, April 23rd, and thought it appropriate to share with everyone.


It’s interesting that I’ve spent one Easter (2006) living on the bottom of the ocean during the NEEMO-9 mission and now I’m spending one in space.

Nile River
The Nile River

I understand how blessed I am to have the opportunity to celebrate Easter while marveling at God’s creation that we call home.

Israel and Egypt
Looking back to the southwest, toward Israel and Egypt

It really is true that the Earth looks very peaceful from space. It was surreal to be directly over Libya with a beautiful view to the east of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Libya, Egypt and Sudan
Near the borders of Libya, Egypt and Sudan

My Easter prayer is that all the inhabitants of our Fragile Oasis come to the realization that we are in this together; that we are all riding together through the universe on this spaceship we call Earth; that love and understanding can conquer all, and that nothing is impossible if we overcome our differences, and then work together to solve the problems facing our world.

Haifa, in the foothills of Mount Carmel in Northern Israel