In the Spirit of Yuri's Night – Thank you #FromSpace

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I accept this (Spirit of Yuri’s Night) award on behalf of everyone who is striving to use space exploration to contribute to the future of humanity on earth and in space, and the people involved with our efforts at Fragile Oasis to use the orbital perspective to help inspire people to make a positive difference on our planet.
[Editor’s note: Ron was honored with the 2011 “Spirit of Yuri’s Night” award by Yuri’s Night, the global celebration of the ¬†history, present, and future of human spaceflight. ¬†Learn more here.]

One thought on “In the Spirit of Yuri's Night – Thank you #FromSpace”

  1. Dear Ron,
    From one Yonkers kid to another, WAY TO GO!!! My father just finished telling me about how your grandfather fixed the canvas roof on his Ford when he was a young man. My dad is now 92. He is so proud that you are honored with this award. He tells me that your family is from the same region in the Ukraine as his father and that we have been taking our scrap metal to your dad’s shop for years.

    Have a safe and productive journey. Let’s hear it for Yonkers!!

    Carolyn Turchyn Smith

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