Music From Your Space Station

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions to my on-orbit playlist through my blogs, via Email, Twitter and Facebook. I attempted to put as many of your suggestions as possible into my “Fragile Oasis” list.
As discussed in an earlier post, music is important to feeling connected to life on Earth. The environment onboard the International Space Station is very sterile.  Pumps and fans are the only sounds, and it’s possible to start feeling disconnected. 
I have found myself at times missing the sounds, smells and feel of life on Earth that I may have on some level taken for granted. Music gives us a real connection with home. And, when the sound of pumps and fans is replaced with great music, we feel closer to what — and who — we hold dear on our planet.  Listening to beautiful music while orbiting our beautiful fragile oasis at 17,500 miles per hour is a wonderfully surreal experience.
 This is my Fragile Oasis playlist for you to download (PDF document) – you suggested so many of the songs. I thank YOU and my family, who also provided suggestions, for helping me to stay connected with life on Earth,