NASA research helps steward world’s water resources

On Thursday I joined Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other Administration officials to announce NASA’s participation in a new U.S. Water Partnership as we mark World Water Day.

The U.S. Water Partnership is bringing public and private groups together to search for solutions to the challenges of accessing global water, particularly in the developing world. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence also released a report outlining some of these challenges in the Global Water Security Intelligence Community Assessment.

NASA’s Earth observation research capabilities in space provide a variety of resources, ingenuity and new knowledge to tackle the global water challenge.

The conservation and purification of water is an important byproduct of NASA’s scientific and human space flight missions. Commercial application of the techniques that we have studied will allow for quick and affordable purification of any available water source. This is helping mitigate water shortages and access issues here on Earth. Click here to learn more about NASA’s water purification technology.

For more information about how NASA’s research impacts world efforts to steward water resources, check out this feature.