Robonaut 2 Team Honored

Each May we take time to honor public servants as part of Public Service Recognition Week. The men and women who serve our nation are dedicated to the goal of making government work for all Americans. I am honored to be one small part of the greatest government in the world, working with some of the best and brightest.

NASA employees can be found across the country, creating the next generation spacecraft that will carry people into our solar system, studying the building blocks of the universe, designing satellites to observe our home planet, and researching ways to make our aviation system safer, cleaner and more efficient. NASA employees are also doing things that are out of this world, living and working in orbit on the International Space Station.

Each year, the Partnership for Public Service honors outstanding federal employees who have made a significant difference in the lives of Americans.

I am delighted that one of the finalists for the 2012 Science and Environment Medal is Ron Diftler and NASA’s Robonaut 2 Team. Ron and his team developed the first humanoid robot to fly in space. With human-like hands and the dexterity to perform intricate tasks, R2 will eventually take over operations too dangerous or mundane for astronauts.

Public servants like the Robonaut team work every day to make life better, for astronauts in space and for everyone here on Earth. Thank you for all the work you do.