This month I want to address IPAO staffing. We are going through significant changes within every group in our office. The review management staff, the programmatic analysis staff, the administrative staff and the Director’s suite are all experiencing changes in staff.

As a consequence, you are seeing review managers who were on detail assignments return to their home centers. On the EAG side, we have new detail RMs come into the organization from three different field Centers, as well as the addition of long-term rotational RMs within the next few weeks. PAG has recently added an additional in-situ cost analyst and will add two more in-situ schedule analyst soon. In the front office, our resource analyst is transitioning and we will be hiring a business manager for the office in the next few weeks. Also, our acting deputy director completed his developmental assignment, and we are hoping to have the new director in place soon.

Anticipating these changes, we are deploying a new training program called “boot camp” to help enable a quick integration of new personnel. Also, several of you have been tapped as formal mentors and as such you will perform a key role in showing our new team members the “ropes” to get them up to speed quickly with the least amount of pain. We all need to make ourselves available to help them in any way we can and to make they feel welcome into the organization. We also need to take advantage of the new perspectives these additions bring to us as they may point better ways to do and manage our work.

One of the key elements to success in our quest for excellence is to be able to depend on each other. This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our “esprit de corps”.

As always, please let me know your thoughts (any way you choose to do so).