“Them Versus Us”…

Ortiz_ James226x170This version of the blog is dedicated to the topic of team cohesion. To no one’s surprise team cohesion is one of the trademarks of highly effective teams. For our IPAO team, team cohesion takes on a very challenging dimension as we operate on a highly inter-related set of activities with groups that are both diverse and dispersed. So it is very easy to fall in the trap of the “them versus us” syndrome. Here are a few examples: EAG versus PAG; SRB members versus IPAO members; IPAO business and administrative personnel versus IPCE business and administrative personnel; IPAO analyst versus CAD analyst versus SID analyst; IPAO RMs versus Mission Directorate PEs; IPAO RMs versus Center SRMs, …and this list could go on and on…. At the end of the day, we are all in the same team and we all have the same common goal: to make our programs and projects successful. We can’t do it without having constructive relationships and working together. The degree by which we attain our goal is closely tied to our mutual success. As a result, we are spending a significant share of our time and energy in building these relationships. It should be clear to everyone in IPAO that I measure our success by how we contribute to the success of our programs and projects as part of the larger team and not only by what we do within the confines of our organization’s boundaries or any boundaries within our organization. So I expect each of us to have this mind set as we continue to move forward. Be proactive in reaching out, in communicating, in identifying issues and constructive solutions, in asking and providing help and assistance, and in working patiently with others. I am convinced that operating under this mindset will improve our team cohesion overall and our ultimate success.

As always, please let me hear your thoughts on this subject.
James N. Ortiz, PhD