West Virginia State VEX Robotics Competition

On January 17 and 18, 2014, NASA’s IV&V STEM Education Initiatives Office supported the West Virginia State VEX Robotics Competition. The winner selected has the opportunity to compete at the world competition in Anaheim, Calif. A total of 15 VEX teams competed through three grueling rounds of end effector-to-end effector combat…um, I mean competition. The VEX Robotics Competition encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving among student groups which pumps pure STEM adrenalin into the hearts and minds of students. The event holds the promise of increasing the IV&V STEM Education Initiatives’ portfolio of robotics initiatives, as we have agreed to coordinate and judge the event January 2015.


The 2014 VEX State winner this year was Penta Package from the James Rumsey Technical Institute in the Eastern Panhandle of the state. Congratulations team and good luck in Anaheim!

Image Credits: NASA’s IV&V Educator Resource Center

If you are interested in supporting the 2015 VEX State competition or are interested in finding out more about IV&V robotics education initiatives, please contact Jess White at jess.e.white@nasa.gov or Todd Ensign at todd.i.ensign@nasa.gov.

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Jess White
Education Specialist
NASA’s Independent Verification & Validation Program