IV&V Intern Colette Boileau

Summer intern Colette Boileau, 22, is currently a senior at Michigan Technological University studying engineering management. As part of a 4th grade class assignment, Boileau was asked to dress up as a famous person from her home state, Michigan. She decided to dress as astronaut Jack Lousma, who was from Grand Rapids, MI. She created a makeshift astronaut spacesuit, pictured below, and gave her presentation to the class, not knowing that someday she’d be spending her summer working at NASA!

Boileau applied for several NASA internships, not knowing what exactly she wanted to do.

“I knew I wanted to make a difference and be a part of something bigger than myself,” Boileau said. “I felt that NASA would provide me that experience and allow me to combine what I’ve learned in school with something I’m really passionate about.”

Boileau says she has no idea where she will end up in life, but she’s looking forward to figuring that out and intends to stay open-minded! For now, she hopes that she will end up as an employee working in project management and helping to bridge the gap between technical work and business.

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