2012 Annual IV&V Workshop Guidelines

Ashley D’Annunzio is the Executive Assistant for the Office of the Director. She is responsible for special event coordination and provides executive support to NASA’s IV&V Program.  

We look forward to your attendance at our 2012 Annual Workshop on Verification and Validation being held at the West Virginia University Erikson Alumni Center in Morgantown, WV. As the date gets closer, please be sure to check our website – https://www.nasa.gov/centers/ivv/workshops/index.html – for updates. In the meantime, below are a few guidelines and some information to help prepare you for the workshop.

Guidelines for Attendees

    • Be open-minded. Be willing to listen and learn.
    • Have fun! You have access to all the players this week. Get the most out of these interactions that you can.
    • Respect the time. The schedule will be strictly followed. Please be sure to be in the meeting rooms at the scheduled times. If you need to be late, please enter the meeting rooms as quietly as possible.
    • Respect the presenters. If you need to work on your laptop during a scheduled presentation, please leave the meeting room to do so. Please do not play games or engage in social media (unless you are bragging about the workshop ) during presentations. We have scheduled plenty of breaks for you to check email or do other work as required.
    • A small meeting room will be available all 3 days to schedule short break-out sessions. Please contact Lisa Downs (304-612-9761, Sadie.E.Downs@nasa.gov, or in-person at the Workshop) to schedule a meeting. The meeting room cannot be scheduled for longer than 2 hour slots.
    • If you require any kind of assistance during the workshop, please see a member of the Workshop Committee. The members will all be wearing shirts that say “NASA IV&V.”
    • There is no cost for food at the pre-workshop event, breakfasts, lunches, breaks, or the evening receptions (THANK YOU to the sponsors!) Also coffee, tea, juice and soda will be provided at the breakfasts and lunches however you will have to buy your own drinks at the pre-workshop event and evening receptions (cash bar).
    • All days will begin promptly at 8:00 AM. If you plan to take advantage of the breakfast, please arrive early enough to enjoy it or to take it into the conference rooms with you.  

Additional Guidelines for Posters and Demos

    • Posters should be approximately 2’ x 3’ and may be color or black and white. Electronic posters will be due to the IV&V Workshop Committee via e-mail to Bree.A.Layton@ivv.nasa.gov no later than August 15, 2012 in PDF format.  If you require additional time, please let us know by August 15th. This year, the IV&V Workshop Committee will provide printing of the posters. If you have any special requirements, please send that information as well.
    • If there are any special requirements for demo set-ups, please contact Bree Layton via email at Bree.A.Layton@ivv.nasa.gov prior to September 11th.
    • Time has been scheduled for demos and posters each day. Please ensure that you have a representative present at the scheduled times.

Additional Guidelines for Presenters

    • A laptop pre-loaded with all of the presentations will be provided in each meeting room. If you require a special set-up or would prefer to use your own laptop, please let Lisa Downs know ASAP so that we can test your setup prior to your scheduled presentation.
    • Leave your title at the door. Your presentation should focus on the method/idea. It should not be a resume or advertisement of your personal or organization’s capabilities. We are here to learn from each other. If you are interested in providing information regarding your company’s services, there are sponsorship opportunities available.
    • Don’t be afraid to introduce new ideas.
    • Respect the time and stay within your allotment (30 minutes). Timekeeping will be strict!  

If you have any additional questions, please contact Lisa Downs at 304-367-8252 or Sadie.E.Downs@nasa.gov
See you in September!

Ashley D’Annunzio
Executive Assistant
NASA’s Independent Verification & Validation Program