Solar Array Fully Deployed on NOAA’s JPSS-2 Satellite

NOAA’s JPSS-2 satellite is now in Sun acquisition mode (initial operations mode) with the solar array fully deployed. The operations team will continue to evaluate an earlier solar array deployment issue, but at this time, the satellite is healthy and operating as expected. The team has resumed normal activities for the JPSS-2 mission.

LOFTID Team Retrieves Backup Data Recorder

The LOFTID team successfully retrieved the mission’s ejectable data module from the Pacific Ocean on Thursday morning. The data module resembles a large lemon and holds a backup copy of the data recorded during LOFTID’s demonstration. Another copy of the data is stored aboard the heat shield itself, which was already recovered by the team.  

The recovery vessel will now make its way back to port. The LOFTID team will analyze the recorded data and inspect the heat shield to assess how the technology performed. Additional updates will be provided as available.  

The LOFTID heat shield sits nose-down on the deck of a boat. The heat shield is made of orange, donut-shaped tubes stacked together to form a blunt cone and covered with a black fabric.
The LOFTID heat shield sits on the deck of the recovery vessel. After the heat shield was recovered, the team retrieved the small backup data recorder from the water. Credit: ULA

LOFTID Heat Shield Recovered, Aboard Boat

A nighttime view of the deck of a boat, with the blunt-cone-shaped inflatable LOFTID heat shield being lifted by a crane onto the deck.
The LOFTID heat shield is lifted out of the water onto the deck of the recovery vessel.

Team members successfully retrieved the LOFTID heat shield from the Pacific Ocean on Thursday morning. With the heat shield on board, the recovery vessel will next head to retrieve LOFTID’s ejectable data module, which contains a backup of the demonstration data that is also stored on the heat shield. 

LOFTID Recovery Underway

LOFTID landed close to the recovery ship. After assessing the situation, the crew aboard the Kahana-II have begun preparation for recovery operations, which will bring LOFTID aboard the vessel. NASA will post updates on the recovery process and the results of the demonstration as more information becomes available.

LOFTID Splashdown Confirmed

The LOFTID team has visually confirmed the heat shield’s splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. Splashdown occurred a few minutes later than originally thought based on the expected mission timeline.

Additional updates will be provided over the next few days, as available.

Splashdown! LOFTID Set for Retrieval in the Pacific

LOFTID has splashed down in the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles off the coast of Hawaii. Once the aeroshell’s location is determined, the recovery boat will head towards the aeroshell for attempted retrieval. Following retrieval, the team will recover the ejectable data recorder.

Additional updates will be provided over the next few days, as available.

LOFTID’s Parachutes Have Deployed

Teams confirmed the ejectable data recorder jettisoned and have received GPS data on its location.  LOFTID’s parachutes are expected to have deployed, preparing LOFTID for splashdown in less than 10 minutes.