Kennedy Space Center Closed Oct. 5-6

The Kennedy Space Center is closed today, Oct. 6, and Friday for Hurricane Matthew.  Kennedy Space Center is now in HurrCon 1 status, meaning a hurricane is imminent.  Hurricane preparations at Kennedy were completed early last night, and remaining employees were then sent home. A final check is being made this morning around the space center for any potential loose debris.  The hurricane ride-out team will report for duty at 3 p.m. today in the major buildings and facilities at KSC.  During the storm they will report any significant events to the Emergency Operations Center, located in the Launch Control Center at Complex 39.  They can also take any action needed to stabilize the situation and keep the facility secure. There will be 139 people on the ride-out team at locations around KSC.  After the hurricane has passed and winds have dropped below 50 knots (approximately 58 mph), damage around the space center will be assessed and the Damage Assessment and Recovery Team will then report for duty. Tropical storm force winds are expected at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral late this evening followed by hurricane force winds early Friday morning.