Kennedy Space Center Celebrates U.S. Constitution Day

The Kennedy Space Center "Freedom Needs Space" poster is in view at the new Headquarters Campus Building.
NASA Kennedy Space Center observes U.S. Constitution Day, Sept. 17, with the theme “Freedom Needs Space.” The remembrance poster is near the new Headquarters Campus Building. Photo credit: NASA/Frank Michaux
Kennedy Space Center's "Freedom Needs Space" poster is near the Vehicle Assembly Building
NASA Kennedy Space Center’s remembrance poster “Freedom Needs Space” is near the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building. The center celebrates U.S. Constitution Day, Sept. 17. Photo credit: NASA/Frank Michaux

Today, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida celebrates U.S. Constitution Day, the official birthday of our country’s government. With the theme “Freedom Needs Space,” a remembrance poster makes appearances in various locations around the multi-user spaceport, including the crawlerway, Vehicle Assembly Building and Shuttle Landing Facility.

Constitution Day is an American federal observance. It recognizes the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens. Constitution Day is observed on Sept. 17, the day in 1787 that 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, representing the 13 original colonies, met for the last time and signed the document in Philadelphia.

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