Godspeed to Earth

I took this picture of the Soyuz 27s launch last June.As you get closer to launch you shed earthly possessions, and your worldly stuff becomes meaningless. In my dorm room I give away my things, the tangible items needed on Earth that are of no use to me anymore.  I shed the onerous chores of e-mail, phone calls, and mandatory web-based sensitivity training.  I no longer worry about filling out my time card.  None of this matters anymore.  I am at the point where the only material things of concern are my spacesuit and rocket.  A part of my heart, carefully barricaded into a small corner, is reserved for my family.  As needed, I will allow such thoughts to fill me with strength.

From my perspective, I will soon be sitting in my rocket watching everyone on Earth move off into the frontier.  Thus I say to you all, “Godspeed.”

2 thoughts on “Godspeed to Earth”

  1. Hey you are doing something for all human beings. You will become successfull or failure , it does not matter for us. You took intitative to be frontier to explore the mysteries of universe is what makes you unique in all sense. We specially I wish to become you in my future births.

    I love you. You have special place in our hearts.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Don, we are watching you do your trash run this morning on the ISS. We want you to know that we found part 1001-689-0012a in our back yard here in Arroyo Seco this morning. It didn’t burn completely so we could still read the number. Don’t waste time looking for this one. I am so happy watching you realize this long-time dream of yours.

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