Whisker Cleaning Time

I have never beenable to shave with a safety razor without slicing my face, so I use a rotaryelectric razor instead. In weightlessness they work just as well, and thewhiskers are captured inside the shaving head. But how does one clean out the whiskersin weightlessness? On Earth, you simply open the head and shake them out. Doingthat up here would be a disaster. So once a week, when vacuuming theaccumulation of lint, dust, and detritus against the air inlet filters, Ivacuum my razor. I hold the vacuum cleaner hose between my legs, and use bothhands to carefully open the shaving head in front of the suction. A cloud ofwhiskers jumps out, appearing like a miniature asteroid field, then quicklydisappears into a black hole, with no chance of escape.

7 thoughts on “Whisker Cleaning Time”

  1. Love the description of such a simple task. Cleaning a razor on earth will never be as interesting.

  2. When I was young, even today, sometimes I wish I was an astronaut.
    And then I learned more about space travel and what that entail.

    I got scared and stressed out.

    But you know, sometimes I wish I lived in space. Kind of.


  3. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found that most people will agree with you.

  4. Entertaining and informative yet again. We are following you with glee and high hopes.
    This razor cleaning would be a cool video!!
    Holly (and three small boys) in SC

  5. Dear Don,

    Seems some of those miniature vacuum heads would come in handy up there. 😉


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