The Eye of Issyk Kul

Kyrgyzstan is wedged in the mountainous wrinkles between Kazakhstan andChina, created long ago when the land mass we now call India, propelled by platetectonics, slammed into the Asian plate. Living there are a proud people with arich history, surrounded by natural, high-altitude beauty.

Issyk Kul

Out of numerous Kyrgyz lakes, one in particular stands out—Lake Issyk Kul.When seen from orbit, Issyk Kul appears to be a giant eye, looking at us lookingdown at it. The snow-covered mountains become aged eyebrows. The lake itself,having a fairly high salt concentration, does not typically freeze over, thusreflecting wintertime light in such a way as to form a “pupil” that seems totrack us as we orbit overhead.

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  1. Don,

    Thank you for your thoughtful gesture in sharing this really cool part of your incredible experience.

    Best regards,

    Jeff Jordan

  2. Don, Another awesome photo. Enjoying your enlightening and entertaining blog posts. Please keep it up. John. UK

  3. Today is jan, 26,.. I am watching the NASA channel. It is amazing seeing alot of the things that are going on. Don the picture you took from earths orbit. I believe it to be 280 miles high, i may be wrong. The picture is awesome. I bet there is some amazing sights to be seen. I recently been disabled at 28 years old, trying to work hard to get my leg working correctly. I’ll bet that being in space with zero gravity would cure my leg. Then working out there would cause some pain. I have followed your crew just before you left to iss. I am a personal trainer and am currently going to school online since disabled. I love astronamy and science thats why i love working with people and finding what works for there physical fitness. I am working on a sports management dagree right now, almost done with my associates. I know its late for me but could be other oppertunities. what classes could i take to be apart of science or engineering or even have the chance to work for NASA. This dissability will be overcome.

    All of you of iss 30 thankyou and i enjoy watching and hearing all the questions answered.

    matt, of IDAHO FALLS.

  4. Great blog I can’t believe no one is commenting. Incredible photo of Kyrigistan I know they have great culture and strong vodka. WilmingtonDelaware

  5. morning from earth how are things up there? My name is mike it’s cold down here what’s it like living on the station?

  6. me down here enjoying watching you up there. Great photos. Learning a lot from the Diary. Have recommended you to my grand children.

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