16 thoughts on “Europe's Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Docks, Breathing Fire and Bringing Good Stuff.”

  1. Estoy muy feliz de poder ver todo lo que hacen por la ciencia, felicitaciones por los esfuerzos que hacen para avanzar día a día.

    les mando saludos

    Desde Argentina

  2. Don and Dan and Crew…awesome pictures. Dan knows me from Miami Air (Beas) when we flew NASA folks between Ellington and Moscow, please give regards. My students are attending Ed White High School here in JAX FL. For extra credit (depending on the time) we are out watching ISS as it passes over Jacksonville. Sure would like to have a chat with crew. All the best. Safe flying! John Beasley, teacher earth and space science, Edward H White, II High School

  3. Waouu, theses pictures are amazing. You said “bringing Good stuff”. It would be nice to find in one of these “closet” a code bar packet with a huge Easter chocolate egg. Je vous souhaite, Don, de JOYEUSES PAQUES à vous et à toute votre équipe.

  4. These are some of the better space photos I’ve seen. It’s nice seeing the stars, an approaching thruster fire and the horizon. I’m so tired of “pretty ground sights” with no context to the vantage point of the viewer.

  5. Incredible! I cannot express how profoundly awesome it is anyone who has an interest has access to your photos and blog. Love following you! Every second of what you are doing furthers our insatiable curiosity!! Next time I have a glass in hand, I raise it to you!! 🙂

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