Space Is My Mistress

Aurora over Earth

Seeing as how April is National Poetry Month….

Space is My Mistress

Space is my Mistress,
and she beckons myreturn.
Since our departure I think of you
and yearn to fly across the heavens arm in arm.
I marvel at your figure,
defined by theedges of continents.
You gaze at me with turquoise eyes,
perhaps mistaken for ocean atolls.
Youtease me to fall into your bosom,
sculptured by tectonicrifts,
only to move away as if playing some tantalizinggame.
Time and time we turn together,
through day, and night, and day,
repeatingencounters every 90 minutes with a freshness,
as if we havenever seen our faces before.
We stroll outside together,
enveloped by naked cosmos,
filled withdesire to be one.
So close,
you sense myevery breath,
which masks your stare through visor haze.
We dance on the swirls of cloud tops,
whileskirting the islands of blue.
You know my heart beats fastfor you.
Oh, Space is my mistress,
andwhen our orbits coincide,
we will once again make streaks ofaurora across the sky.

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10 thoughts on “Space Is My Mistress”

  1. Beautiful words, Don. They said they should send a poet to outer space. Well, it looks like they already have.

  2. Great poem! Thank you. I have written one inspired by Helix Nebula NGC 7293. Wish I could share it with you, but I don’t want to post it here.

  3. Very nice poem and that image is just magnificent! You guys have the best job on Earth! (or off Earth or… never mind…)

    Any chance at all we could see a larger version of that picture? (the 5-year old within him asked eagerly…)


  4. Don, you are unquestionably the poet laureate of space!! an absolutely lovely & moving poem -(… terrific b-day surprise for me). Thanks. t

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos, your lovely poetry, your thoughts and the science of it all. What a gift you’ve given us!

  6. Don Pettit is my kind of guy!! No one else brings his kind of flair for storytelling into orbit! The man is a treasure!! 🙂

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