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  1. Thanks for putting in line this wonderful video. A clarification. Please, note that this ATV main thruster ignition is not linked to any electrical failure. This activity is a nominal planned test in order to verify the good integration of ATV and ISS, test to be performed as soon as after the ATV docking. In particular, we test here the commandability via a small boost (1m/s) of the ATV thrusters via the ISS computers. The objective is to ensure the readiness of ATV either to perform the future planned reboosts of the Station or to support at any time a Debris Avoidance Manoeuver. JM Bois. ESA ATV Mission Director

  2. To create a material light who supports the weight of Earth it’s at the same time light and solid light it’s not a laser neither.

    The solidification of Light the extension in our planet a zone where instead of ice there is solidificated light as a fountain of energy without ground only Light. You can catch this light but is not liquid it’s solid prisms of Light polyedros of Light polygones of Light filled completely

  3. señores de la nasa me han echo saber sobre un PROYECTO DE LA NASA .EE.UU con el que por medio de un sistema satelital dan ordenes directas anuestro cerebro viendo nuestros recuerdos mas lejanos ,pensamientos ,ideas y todo lo que pensamos tambien dirigen todas las partes de nuestro cuerpo como aparacto digestivo ,muscular , respiratorio,vascular,visual,auditivo,muscular y todos nuestros nervios y extremidades se preguntaran como se de este PROYECTO DE LA NASA EE.UU vivo EN ECUADOR investiguen en los cerebros de las personas a cargo de esto en este pais y se daran cuenta de muchas cosas inescrupulosas no dejen que un invento PROYECTO de esta importancia sea utilizado con fines senofobicos y de razismo .

  4. That is AWESOME! (sorry, the geeky little kid in me loves this stuff!)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What the heck happened to the international space station? We as humans have to find a way of making such project alive again!
    Greeting from a fellow geek 🙂

  6. 4-20-12, Greetings Don… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to write these gems from the ISS, as well as those insightful ones prior to your launch. I check in on the NASA web site every week or so for “photos of the day” and your observations. For reasons unknown, the “comments” button on your most current postings are not enabled. I had wanted to place this attached to your update on Space Zucchini posted a few hours ago, but had to scroll down to an entry you made earlier in April to find an active comment link. This is my first ever attempt at writing anyone at NASA, though I would also be tempted to express gratitude to everyone from Charlie to the floor-sweeper at the VAB for all that you do. The space program and related activities of NASA, JPL and other agencies have provided my strongest source of “National Pride” for nearly all of my 55 years. I am fortunate to have been able to have NASA TV turned on most days for the last 3+ years since I “retired” to the wilds of New Hampshire from suburban Boston, and was delighted that our satellite service offered it. I wish I had the access through all the years of the shuttle/ISS programs.

    I just hope you and your fellow pioneers know that even though you may not get feedback represented by sheer numbers, there are plenty of us out there who have immeasurable appreciation for your contributions every day. And a special measure of gratitude to you for sharing the experience in spite of having to answer the endless inane questions, over and over during the frequent press and educational events. Certainly that must be the most arduous task you are subjected to!

    Hopefully this will find it’s way to you, Don, Happy B-Day!


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