I Wonder Why

Nature has a vivid imagination, more so than any human. By venturinginto unknown territory, discoveries will be made that tickle ourimagination and enrich our minds.  On the frontier, you can once againsee the world through the eyes of a child.

I wonder why the sky is up, and why the stars abound?
And why the Sun comes up each morn, and why the Earth goes ’round?
I wonder what the Sun on Mars, would bring at dusk and dawn?
I wonder what two moons would say, from Earth lit sky when Sun is gone
I wonder if Mars mountain crags would be a sight to hold?
I wonder if I’d dare to climb, how could I be so bold!
I wonder when Man’s mind will grow, and cease to be so small
I wonder when we’ll venture forth, I hope before we fall
I wonder if we’ll never dare, to reach up through the sky
Forever doomed to live on Earth, and this, I wonder why?

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A double fisheye view

15 thoughts on “I Wonder Why”

  1. Very cool poem, should be a rock song like old Sabbath. Very cool thank you from John Delmos in Lebec California. If you take a photo from space of California please send it back, do you have a blog with pictures? God bless. I was reading yesterday about Yuri Gagarin and other early astronauts. Very heavy history.

    -John in Cali

  2. A very nice photo which reminds me of famous painter Escher from the Netherlands.

  3. The moons would do a dazzling dance in retrograde orbit. Thank for that a lot of precise intention A personality type true minds eye more diversity exception you could also be a contributer to the scisem of mad science being oppressed by subsistence travel a sleeping with your girl friend when away on missions and eating your food that what i like about this poem such a disregard of circumspect for object like great logic gone duality assumption in some sort of ill defined lusting for that maxs g.

  4. I would not call it “doomed” to live on Earth. In fact space could be a lot more desolate and unlivable. The nearest habitable planets could be prohibitively far away. I think the gravity of Mars is only 2/3rds that of Earth or something. I think our best bet is to make it work here on our beautiful planet which only people’s technology and pollution is diminishing from it’s once incredible lustre.

    Earth is amazing and it is the only planet with reach where we know we can live without a space suit. Of course people have gotten so used to being indoors and creating artificial habitats here on earth that many perhaps would not even notice anyways.


    DON A.

  6. I wish I could see what you are seeing, the Earth from your perspective. My daughters and I are reading a book about astronauts, so I’ve been showing them videos from NASA and the International Space Station. They’re mesmerized by what they see! So fascinating! Thanks.

  7. why no comments since 4/13? Is it because it’s close to tax day and everyone’s busy?

  8. Your words were awesome in the poem “i wonder” and we must wonder to think all that because this is a system, very complex might be, but it exists and its not automatic.. there is something which created it and tested it and deployed it. and that thing is the SWEET GOD…. the things u discover today, are described earlier with the real facts. If u interested in reading that, read the “Holy Quraan” (which muslims do read) and read the chapter “Al-Rehman” and u will wonder whats going on.. best of luck for your journey and explorations.. many regards and sweet wishes, i wish so badly to be there where u r… perhaps someday i will be in the company of this beautiful system…..


  9. I wonder why the 22th of March is the “Earth day”. Well,

    “Happy Birthday Earth”.

    On this occasion I’m celebrating this day staring at the Lyrids meteors shower. I’m currently lying down on my roof facing the dark sky of the night. Saturn says hello. Shiny Mars is under a cloud. Can you see these showers during these days ?

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  11. Don, I saw your pictures of the Lyrids!!! They are spectacular. It’s incredible how amazing it can be seen from Space. I wonder if you saw the huge asteroid which burnt in the atmosphere above CA in Sierra Nevada?

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