Last Day on Earth

The day before launch

    maybe gone fora year

        perhapshalf right

Your last day on Earth

    what would youdo?

Robbing the piggybank of time

    to spend it onwhat ever you desire

We live in quarantine

    a flower by anyother name

        that smellslike white collar prison 

You know your crew well

    they becomeyour second family

I have said my good byes

    the hugs aredone

        a walk onthe beach

            andtime for a good cry

You eat anything you want

    No one speaksof this as a last supper

        but it is

You time your bathroom habits

    do I drink mymorning coffee?

Like a dike holding back the sea

    will my diapersurvive

        oh themarvels of rocket science 

A solitary walk with nature





decorating my ankles with nasty red bumps

    a parting kissfrom Mother Earth

We study like students

    cramming for anexam

        this time amistake costs more than ten points 

Focus on your duties

    it won’t failbecause of me

Like Samson’s hair

    my family

        the root toall my strength

            I willreturn

Oh how does one spend your last day on Earth

    What would youdo?

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9 thoughts on “Last Day on Earth”

  1. no way man , coz i gonna see Fifa World cup 2014……. after that no problem……. :p 🙂

  2. Interesting perspective. Wonderfully done.

    Thinking about the ‘fact’ that humans are (presumably) the only creatures that know they will die some day. Leaving Earth for a short round trip adds an interesting wrinkle to that axiom.

    Don’s messages from ‘the other side’ have been entertaining and meaningful.

    Thanks Don and safe voyage home.

    Bill Wallner
    age 68 in San Diego

  3. lets trade places, just for one day…? cause im going to live this life of mine not seeing what you get to see and feel what you get to feel

  4. last day on Earth
    walk along the green grass
    bare foot enjoying the sensation

    smell the flowers as if last
    gaze upon the wispy clouds
    inhale deeply the oxygen of life

    feel and inhale the wisps of wind
    let the senses feels its embrance
    a strong hug from mother nature

  5. Live each day, as if it were, the last day on Earth. An experience all of us will have in common.

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