Black Spot

Venus' transit across the sun

June 6
Last night we observed a little black spot on the Sun. We stayed up all night to record this with our cameras. Of course, the sun was visible so it was not really night, but for our internal clocks, we should have been dormant. Last night was also unusual because our orbit now follows the day-night shadow cast on Earth by the Sun. From our orbit we are continuously sunlit and have perpetual day. On one side of our spaceship it is night; on the other it is day. This is good for us plants. Gardener and his crewmates observed the little black spot move across the Sun through a special filter. Sunflower, Broccoli, and I can look directly at the sun with no filter. We all were smiling.

June 7
We have noticed that there are no bees on our spacecraft to visit Sunflower’s blossom. I wonder how they would fly in weightlessness. Gardener is so strange; he is brushing Sunflower’s blossom with his toothbrush. Does he think Sunflower has teeth?

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