Birth of a New Moon


I saw the waning crescent moon, a small sliver of whiterising above the Earth limb. It reminded me of a glowing fingernail clipping. Likea rainbow, but only of shades of blue, the atmosphere on edge filled the gapbetween Earth and space—electrifying diaphanous beauty. 


Venus was there, watching. Aldebaran in Taurus was an orangedot. The ghost of Full Moon Past, the complete lunar disk, was dimly lit by thebluish hue of earthshine. The time was 07:45on June 18t (GMT). One orbit later, at 09:17,I saw a sliver of a sliver. Work beckoned me for the next three orbits (about fourand a half hours) before I could observe another moonrise. At 13:56, there was only the smallestglint that we even had a Moon. The next orbit I was waiting at dawn, but saw nomoon. Initially I was baffled. Then it occurred to me that I had been witnessto the birth of a New Moon. 


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17 thoughts on “Birth of a New Moon”

  1. Sky and Telescope might publish one of these in their amateur photograph section.

  2. Thank you , it is absolutely fascinating to hear and see what is going on out there.

    Be Lucky and thanks again.

  3. I think you should henceforth be known as poet_Pettit as well as astro_Pettit. Great words, fabulous images.

  4. Really strange that we can’t see Jupiter at that image: it had to be just near the Venus and defenitelly should be seen if we’re able to see Aldebaran…

  5. Thank you Don for sharing these superb photos,it so imaginable to imagine you have this opportunity to see it .
    Come back safe ,with peace and love Maria

  6. I was hopping a new moon, like an asteroid trapped in our gravitational field and becoming another moon. That would’ve been awesome. Anyway those pictures are incredible too.

    I love Space and Physics.. 🙂

  7. That’s amazing. I can’t imagine being one of the few to witness such indescribable beauty that is otherwise hidden from the rest of Mankind down on the planet. Your blessed!

  8. How long do we have not scared at all just curious I seen a real UFO I got a great video real for sure not no covering this one up I’m looking to post it on YouTube but don’t no yet

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