June 29 — Diary of a Space Zucchini

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June 29
Thecrew is busy with their departure preparations.  They are flying backand forth with bags of gear.  Gardener tried on a special suit made outof tight fitting fabric.  It keeps his roots and stalks from expandingwhen he returns to Earth’s gravity.  He said things will feel real heavyfor awhile.

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6 thoughts on “June 29 — Diary of a Space Zucchini

  1. Jon from Montreal Post author

    Thanks Zucchini for all the insight into the activities of the crew and especially Gardiner. I’ll miss your entries and hope you fare well in your small aerobag. Best wishes to you all and safe landings.

  2. Patrick AUZEAU Post author

    I name patrick and I am a radioamateur F1SNB I am you in APRS and vhf since south is France, I saw the spatiale station(resort) several times has the naked eye what is a real pleasure.
    Good luck and long life has the station and all the equipe has edge friendships

  3. susan.hopkins Post author

    hope your all well i follow your progress most days glad the three chinese go home safe will be lovely when you see all your familys again take care love sue from wales uk xx

  4. guest Post author

    tell Gardener ‘all the best’ 4 his return journey 🙂

    really loved the posts from the both of you

  5. Jim Dettman Post author


    Thanks so much for taking the time to write this blog. I enjoyed the gardener series immensely!

    Nice to see you made it back to earth safely.

    Jim Dettman

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