July 1 – Diary of a Space Zucchini

July 1

TodayGardener and his crew will depart in their seed pod; the replacement crew is readyto carry on in their place.  He iswearing his space suit undergarments. Not too stylish but functional.  Hegave all of us an extra long smell.  Hisnose twitched with the slightest tickle from the leaf hairs on little Zuc.  He said that what will be is for thebest.  It has been a wonderful journey;one chapter is closing, another is opening.  He had tears in his eyes, not just a smalldrop at the corners but a pool that was making him blink.  He reached up and turned out the light.  In the frontier you should not be afraid ofthe dark.

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10 thoughts on “July 1 – Diary of a Space Zucchini”

  1. Happy return of the expedition team of 31 astronauts … thank you for the scientific contribution to humanity … are welcome to return home … we are all very grateful.

  2. Dear Don,

    I’ve just listened that you are safe and on the way to Houston. Good!

    I would like to thank you for having shared your blog with all of us.
    It has been an adventure!!!! I have appreciated a lot the way you are,… authentic!

    When Soyuz touched down Earth, and I saw you, an your crew emerging from the capsule, I’ve been very touched.

    Don, you felt very dizzy, however, I don’t know if I’m wrong, but I’ve had the feeling that for a few fractions of seconds your “influx” (strength) expressed :

    “- I’m ok, I can move by myself”!

    This image put me a smile on my face.

    Don, I wish you “une bonne récupération”. Enjoy life all you can!!and all my best for your future.

    I will never forget you and also your experience.

    Take care of you et “Merci”!

    A wink from Luna (“the Moon”) to you.

  3. Don,Welcome back on the Earth,I’m looking for some new blogs,where are them,!!??
    Fast recovering,and happy 4 July 🙂

  4. Caro Don,
    Benvenuti a Terra.
    Ora è il momento di :
    Ratatouille con menta e carasau
    Zucchine ripiene di carne, un piatto delicato e appetitoso
    Zucchine ripiene di ricotta
    Zucchine gratinate con mozarella e salsa di Pomodoro
    Quenelle di Melanzana e Zucchini
    Patate Alla Brace con pesto di peperoni
    Pomodori Farciti alle Spezie

    La carbonella è accesa, le salse sono pronto, carni e pesci sono stati marinati. E il tempo è bello! Oggi facciamo il barbecue

  5. Im a 23 year old girl from Melbourne Australia, n I just wanted 2 say it has been enlightening and such a pleasure to read ur letters to earth. On many occasions I have read them out to family and friends and sincerely hope the next crew will b as generous as u don, and continue to share their time with us by writing more of these AMAZING letters.the Internet world will be a much duller place without them! Sincerely, Bec

  6. Greetings,

    I just found your blog and look forward to reading every entry.

    Denise Davis

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