July 1 – Diary of a Space Zucchini

July 1 TodayGardener and his crew will depart in their seed pod; the replacement crew is readyto carry on in their place.  He iswearing his space suit undergarments. Not too stylish but functional.  Hegave all of us an extra long smell.  Hisnose twitched with the slightest tickle from the leaf hairs on little Zuc.  He said …

June 29 — Diary of a Space Zucchini

June 29Thecrew is busy with their departure preparations.  They are flying backand forth with bags of gear.  Gardener tried on a special suit made outof tight fitting fabric.  It keeps his roots and stalks from expandingwhen he returns to Earth’s gravity.  He said things will feel real heavyfor awhile. Don’s blog also appears at airspacemag.com.