Letters from Leadership

NASA’s recent budget announcements have gotten everyone’s attention. As we watch the ensuing debate in Congress, it’s easy to get distracted about MAF’s future. I believe MAF is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the current environment. With NASA’s guidance, Jacobs has developed competitive pricing and streamlined approval processes unique in the agency. We have developed a strong relationship with the State of Louisiana, with MAF being the State’s preferred site for numerous potential projects. This puts us in a position to attract business because we add value through efficient responsive support, phenomenal facilities and a highly-skilled work force.  The end result: NASA retains its only large advanced manufacturing capability for future programs while we help new tenants grow.

We are actively marketing MAF to a wide range of new tenants including companies engaged in engineering, military and space hardware, advanced manufacturing, film production and clean energy. In addition, some of our best potential areas of near term growth are with the global aerospace leaders we already host at MAF. We seek to encourage and enable Lockheed Martin and Boeing to grow their MAF operations by providing low cost, responsive services and capability to meet their needs. The same holds true for the critical USDA and US Coast Guard operations at MAF.

To date our successes are small in size, but large in stature.  Geocent, a local high tech business, recently leased space in Building 350 to perform one of its Navy contracts. This is new revenue to operate and maintain the site. Lockheed also terminated a commercial real estate lease and moved its Advanced Program group into Building 102/103, indicating the environment on site is improving. These early successes will be added to in the near future as we let people know about MAF and our work force.

New business is important, but successfully attracting new business will not matter if we don’t keep our focus on flawless delivery of three more external tanks, Orion Ground Test Article progress and major construction activity for upper stage. Proven performance and safe operations are absolutely vital to our ability to attract companies to MAF. Stay safe and remember a perfect safety record not only means we send everyone home in as good or better shape as when they came to work, it also means we can attract more tenants because a safe workplace is good for business.

Mike Dawson
Jacobs GM

Letters from Leadership

Michoud Assembly Facility has a rich history and has made strong contributions to the human space flight program over the years. From the Saturn booster to the external tank, MAF workers have been at the center of NASA’s efforts to send astronauts into space. Whatever direction the current administration decides to go, Michoud will no doubt play a big role in the future of NASA. Our capabilities here at MAF are unique and vital to NASA’s human space flight plans. Highly trained MAF workers have been building large aerospace flight hardware for nearly five decades and our deep water port is ideal for shipping these items. I feel confident about the future here at MAF and encourage everyone to keep working hard and good things will happen. A lot is going on this month, from the Saints in the Super Bowl to Mardi Gras. February also is black history month. MAF is proud of its highly diverse, exceptionally qualified work force. Michoud seeks to foster an inclusive, productive, equitable work environment in which every team member can realize his or her fullest potential. Our current NASA administrator, Charlie Bolden, is a great example of a strong leader as a former astronaut and Marine Corps general. I know he shares a deep appreciation of MAF’s contributions to NASA and will guide us into this decade with a sense of purpose and pride. Everyone stay safe and go Saints!

Malcolm Wood
Michoud Assembly Facility
Deputy Chief Operating Officer