COAST: Successful second test flight!

Great weather allowed for a full two-hour flight test in which the full flight plan (including spiral maneuvers) was run through.  The pilot did an impressive job aligning with all planned lines.  All instruments appeared to be working well.  AATS tracking was problematic on aircraft turns — this was deduced to interference by an ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) antenna, which was not needed and removed.  Satcomm communications between the hangar and the plane were unfortunately spotty.  One fix for this will be tried before our next flight.

Team choreagraphy for synchronizing all pre-flight procedures fell into place nicely today.  Take-off was at 11:29. A red phytoplankton bloom, though not as extensive as last October, was readily visible from the plane.  A whale (unknown sp.) was seen during the low altitude part of the flight as well as jellies floating and seabird flocks diving.