Welcome to Mission: Ames!

Welcome! NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., performs so many different types of research that at times it can be mind-boggling. We conduct a wide variety of science missions and send our world renowned researchers and their collaborators all over the world to conduct science experiments, collect scientific samples, observe extreme lifeforms, capture revealing images of Earth and its oceans from aircraft, satellites and other science instruments and record scientific data.

Researchers and their teams can spend months and even years preparing for these expeditions. They determine what is needed to accomplish their research during their limited time in the field.  Included in the preparations are writing grants to fund the field expedition, building their science team, acquiring the necessary equipment and developing a schedule of activities and experiments.  When they return to their laboratories at NASA Ames, the scientists conduct detailed analysis of what they have discovered, (which can take months and years in itself).  Finally, the researchers write detailed reports to share their new discoveries and unexpected results with the world.

This blog will provide an opportunity for our researchers and mission operators to record their experiences and lessons learned while conducting science experiments in the field.