ATTREX: Introduction to Maria's blog

Maria Andreyna Navarro Rodriguez: 

I am a postdoctoral associate from the University of Miami. During year and a half, I haveworked in the ATTREX project as a team member of the Advanced Whole Air Sampler(AWAS) for the Global Hawk aircraft. My main role is to help with the sampling, analysis, and data interpretation of tracegases collected by our instrument. My educational background includes a BS inChemistry from the Central University of Venezuela, and a PhD in EnvironmentalScience from Indiana University.  Myprevious work experience involves atmospheric chemistry research of differentlevels of the atmosphere, focusing on the analysis of particles and gases.

The purpose of my blog about ATTREX is to share myperspective about this experience, and I hope thatmy writing will be engaging for those people who might think of science assomething too abstract and complicated. Science can alsobe fun!

Check out this video if you want to know a little bit more about me.

Maria Navarro (ATTREX)

2 thoughts on “ATTREX: Introduction to Maria's blog”

  1. Hello! Are you excited about the mission getting started? Are you going to participate in the media and social media day this week?

  2. Hi, sorry for the late respond.
    Yes, I’m more than excited about this mission!!!
    I am currently working on the site, and my schedule has been atypical. So, my apologies, I could not check the blog comments before.
    If you want to talk to me about anything in particular you are more than welcome to stop by at any time at Dryden, or you can write me your question (I will try to check the comments more often).
    I am sorry with could not meet during the media day, but thank you for reading my blog (hope you enjoy it).

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