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just dropping in to say hai, chime in and make my presence known on the 360 board 🙂
We had a blast (as we always do when we travel to location) first stop: filming at NASA Dryden in Edwards California – dude, that seems like ages ago… We were so stoaked to shoot the x-48 model but the winds picked up to like a million miles an hour (not really a million miles an hour, but enough to shut the flight down) so we finished up shooting in the hanger where the flight simulator was. That was pretty cool too – and the crew that we interviewed was right on point. We got tonz of beauty shots – Tom did this time elapse shot of the sunrise with the moon dipping down all in the same shot – it was hawt 🙂 Check it out, I was talking to this intern dude at the site. He said on their free time they’d take out these wind jammers and wind surf all over the lake bed getting speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The stretch was pretty big – it went for miles – I could only imagine how cool it would be to speed on one of the wind jammers over the lake bed. But if the wind drops out – you’re done and your walking back – now that would be SO lame. lol
Our next location landed us at Black Point Lava Flow in Arizona (which also seems like years ago – it was only 6 weeks back) we got to shoot the Desert Rats program – the Tri-Athlete and the Lunar Electric Rover or the LER (sounds like a few lines off my script written by Kevin & Bibs) Again – good timez from the second we jumped into breakfast at a hotel…to shooting on location with many familiar NASA faces. We got to hang with Kimberly Land from NASA Langley and the paisans from NASA Edge. We got to meet and hang with astronaut Mike Gernhardt and Geologist Brent Garry (Brent actually recognized me from NASA 360. He was like ” Hey…yea man, I know who you are, I’ve seen several episodes of NASA 360. I like the show.)  yo…….how cool is that!!! That so made my day!!! ;p
Bibs and I got a chance to talk with Mike G and interview him inside the LER. Now that was a trip! These cats Mike and Barry were in the LER for like 2 weeks straight never leaving the ride – completing many missions, totally living it. When they rolled out (actually got out of the LER for the first time after 2 straight weeks) your Johnny Alonso from NASA 360 was the first one to hi five astronaut Mike and grab an interview with geologist Brent….now tell me…who’s the man?? 😉
Kevin, Bibs, Tom, Kimberly, Spooner and I rolled over to the Grand Canyon. Ive never been to the canyon before – what a site, I tell you! We shot several tags and commercial spots for 360 at the canyon. Tom also shot his NASA 360 3-D tags at this cool looking, fake Mexican fortress. This was where we bought a bunch of souvenirs. I bought several post cards and 2 shot glasses. I never sent the post cards – this is becoming a habit.
So, we rolled and left the Grand Canyon. Next stop was this Native American roadside – jewelry, souvenir place (I should take a writing class) Kevin was rapping with the Indian guy telling him how Kevin and he are blood. They connected in their Native American way. Kevin bought a bunch of jewelry, then we rolled. That was cool.
I’m so missing other events that took place at both locations. But as you can see – not only do we get our work done and have a cool looking, hip and interesting educational show, we have a blast getting it done. We have our own way of making things happen and work. Sure, we might not follow the typical schematic for making a television series – but then again, NASA 360 isn’t your typical show 🙂
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Johnny Alonso – NASA 360

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