Android App — What Happened?

Mea culpa.

We were so eager to get our Android spinoffs app out that we — I — skipped a couple of steps, specifically ensuring Google’s Terms of Service agreement was something NASA could sign up to, and following our own software-release process. We’re working those and hope to have the app back out soon, along with an Android app for watching live NASA TV. Thanks for your patience, and apologies — to the public and to Todd Powell, the developer who spent so much time putting together a great app.

Brian Dunbar

8 thoughts on “Android App — What Happened?”

  1. Good deal, just realized there’s a NASA app for iPhone and I’m excited to keep up with things on my android. Sorry to say the IRS (!!) has an app out for both platforms…can there be any clearer sign we’ve got our priorities disheveled? If possible please have the app enable storage on the SD card (unlike the IRS).

  2. Any more updates? Really waiting for the full set of Android apps from NASA. The Spinoff app just isn’t real NASA to me!

  3. Hi Any Ideas On How long it will be before the app is available again ? Thanks

  4. So what’s the updated status on the Android app? Many of us at MacDill AFB were disappointed that the iDevices were able to hook right up to NASA TV through the app to watch this morning’s shuttle launch but the Android devices were not.

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