OCO-2’s Arrays Deployed, are Power Positive

The observatory’s solar arrays have deployed and are power positive according to NASA Launch Manager TIm Dunn.

“All very good news,” Dunn said.

The Delta II “performed like a champ” throughout the countdown and ascent, he added.

“There was pure joy in the Mission Director’s Center at spacecraft sep, I can tell you that,” Dunn said.

2 thoughts on “OCO-2’s Arrays Deployed, are Power Positive”

    Phenomenal takeoff.
    Proud of the NASA crew and hometown girl, Sarah Hunyadi-Lay.

  2. Thanks Nasa i explore my power , many words to say yes the power is positive , the sun emerging to the star light power within me, the result is carbon it can make a wealth someday if you can test this, with the technology and detect my power, it can wealth the Universe.. Time pass am looking forward to bear with you Nasa Scientist… Excellente, million thanks to you..

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