The George Washington University’s Women’s Leadership Program to Feature NASA’s Modern Figures

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope trained its razor-sharp eye on one of the universe’s most stately and photogenic galaxies, the Sombrero galaxy, Messier 104. The galaxy’s hallmark is a brilliant white, bulbous core encircled by the thick dust lanes comprising the spiral structure of the galaxy. As seen from Earth, the galaxy is tilted nearly edge-on. This brilliant galaxy was named the Sombrero because of its resemblance to the broad rim and high-topped Mexican hat.

NASA’s Modern Figures story, with an emphasis on elevating women in Government, will be featured at the Women’s Leadership Program: Strategies for Accelerating Impact, Influence and Advancement, at the George Washington University from October 24-26. The program presented by GWU’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership is a joint effort by women leaders for women leaders, and will provide new strategies and tactics for women to take the lead and succeed at higher levels in their organizations.

This breakthrough women’s leadership program features highly respected guest speakers, including a panel “From Hidden Figures to Modern Figures,” featuring the following:

•Julie Williams-Byrd, Acting Chief Technologist at NASA Langley Research Center
•Michelle Ferebee, Deputy Director for Strategy in the Aeronautics Research Directorate
at NASA Langley Research Center
•Dr. Wanda Peters, Deputy Director for Planning and Business Management in the Flight Projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

While gender diversity is recognized as a hallmark of the most successful organizations, studies—including “Women Rising: the Unseen Barriers” reported in HBR—reveal that gender bias continues to exist in most organizations.

Whatever the organizational climate, there are key actions and behaviors women can take to lead successfully and improve workplace engagement, culture, and operational execution. Participants will have the opportunity to network and build community with the speakers and participating women leaders.

“The skills, habits, and nuances learned in this program will begin to move the needle in gender equity and create better leaders,” says Leslie Grossman, Senior Fellow and Executive Coach at GWU Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, and Faculty Director of the program.
The program tackles such topics as building trusted relationships and influential networks, the mindfulness of confidence, workplace harassment, and emotional intelligence as a pathway to leadership.

The three-day program will take place on GW’s Washington, D.C. campus. There are a few more spaces for qualified candidates. For more information about GW’s Women’s Leadership Program:

To apply, please visit: