NASA Recognizes Conflict Resolution Day on October 18, 2018

Conflict Resolution Day, officially celebrated this year on October 18, 2018, is an internationally recognized event created by the Association for Conflict Resolution to promote awareness of the many creative and proactive methods for resolving and managing conflicts. At NASA, each Center holds commemorations and conducts educational awareness events throughout the month of October. These events highlight NASA’s commitment to resolving conflicts at the earliest possible stage.

Each Center leverages this time of the year to promote awareness and use of early and peaceful means of resolving workplace conflicts such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Ombudsman Program, Conflict Resolution Program, Anti-Harassment Program, Process for Handling Dissenting Opinions, NASA Safety Reporting System, Employee Assistance Program, Negotiated Grievance Process, Administrative Grievance Process and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).

For Conflict Resolution Month events at each Center, please visit:

Ames Research Center:
Telephone: (650) 604-0783

Armstrong Flight Research Center:
Telephone: (661) 276-3033

Glenn Research Center:
Telephone: (216) 433-2463

Goddard Space Flight Center:
Telephone: (301) 286-7348

Telephone: (202) 358-1228

Johnson Space Center:
Telephone: (281) 483-0603

Kennedy Space Center:
Telephone: (321) 867 9171

Langley Research Center:
Telephone: (757) 864-4240

Marshall Space Flight Center:
Telephone: (256) 544-6764

NASA Shared Services Center/Stennis Space Center:
Telephone: (228) 688-2210

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