STEM Girls Night In on November 2-3

From Friday to Saturday, November 2-3, about 50 high- and middle-school girls and their chaperones from local public high schools will participate in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Girls Night In, to be hosted by various Centers across NASA.

At Goddard Space Flight Center, each girl will have at least one woman as their mentor throughout the event who is a NASA employee plus a university engineering/science student, as a near-to-peer mentor.

The purpose of this event is to invigorate, inspire, and engage high school girls who may be struggling with, or are not fully engaged in, STEM education. STEM Girls Night In will provide the girls an opportunity to completely immerse themselves in NASA activities that challenge and promote knowledge and discovery, such as by designing and testing a Mars rover.

STEM Girls Nigh In allows NASA women to share and demonstrate the STEM work they do and to connect all participating Centers through an inspiring interactive activity.

For more information, contact Amy Grigg,