Disability Etiquette Video

The Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program’s (CAP) disability etiquette training video is targeted to supervisors and coworkers of individuals with disabilities. This training is intended to provide basic tips that can serve as a guideline when interacting with an individual who has a disability. Proper disability etiquette creates a comfortable work environment and supports equal access and advancement for all.

CAP (http://www.cap.mil/) provides assistive technology and services free of charge to DoD and civil service customers with hearing, visual, dexterity, cognitive, and communication impairments to make their work environments more accessible.

Access the CAP video: (http://www.cap.mil/NewsEvents/TrainingVideo.aspx?enc=e/kValfIEwJOlyfR5ciqmg== )

For questions about NASA Reasonable Accommodations process, please contact the NASA Disability Program Manager Rebecca Doroshenk at 202-358-0038 or Rebecca.D.Doroshenk@nasa.gov.