NASA Earns Highest Employee Engagement Index in Federal Government for Eight Years Running

Congratulations to NASA for achieving the highest employee engagement index in the Federal Government for all large agencies (for the 8th consecutive year)! Impressively, NASA also achieved the number-one ranking in the inclusion index (New IQ) again this year, as the Agency has for each of the six years in which this index has been measured. The New IQ ranking includes all agencies: small, medium, large, and very large agencies!

The results of the 2019 Government-wide Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey are available at:
OPM FEVS Employee Engagement Indix

and the Government-wide and agency results on the 2019 Inclusion Index is located at:
OPM FEVS Inclusion Index.

Kudos to NASA leadership and the entire NASA team for their commitment to providing Air and Space to all individuals at NASA so our Agency can best accomplish its missions!

NASA is Proud of its Recipients of the Presidential Rank Award

Congratulations to the 19 NASA recipients of the annual Presidential Rank Award, which honors a small portion of the Federal government’s top career employees for extraordinary performance.

This is a highly coveted award and a marvelous recognition of superb performance over the course of these individuals’ careers. The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 established the Presidential Rank Awards Program to recognize a select group of career members with a sustained record of exceptional performance.

NASA’s awardees include:
Distinguished Executive Recipients: Charles P. Dovale, Janet L. Kavandi, Amanda M. Mitskevich, Ralph R. Roe, and Eugene L. Tu
Meritorious Executive Recipients: Michael D. Bicay, Derrick J. Cheston, Lisa M. Colloredo, Karen C. Feldstein, Felicia L. Jones, Thomas V. McCarthy, Susan M. Motil, James L. Reuter, Audrey Denise Robinson, Stephen T. Shih, Kenneth O. Todd, Marcus A. Watkins, and Calvin F. Williams
Meritorious Professional Recipients: James B. Garvin

The NASA workforce can take pride in the exceptional recognition received by NASA’s leaders with the knowledge that it is a reflection of teamwork across the Agency.

The Senior Executives Association will honor the winners at a ceremony in downtown Washington, D.C., on December 17 Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, will keynote the event.