Fairing Installed Over Orion

ogivecompleteEngineers installed a four-piece fairing over Orion during the weekend as the spacecraft continues its steady march toward launch in December. The panels will smooth the airflow over the conical spacecraft to limit sound and vibration, which will make for a much smoother ride for the astronauts will ride inside Orion in the future. The work marked the final major assembly steps for the spacecraft before it is taken to the launch pad in November and hoisted to the top of  a Delta IV Heavy rocket that will launch it on a four-hour, two-orbit flight test. Orion will fly without a crew on this flight test, but is being designed to take astronauts beyond Earth orbit on missions to deep space to explore an asteroid and eventually Mars.ogiveinstall1

12 thoughts on “Fairing Installed Over Orion”

  1. Maiden visit to NASA yesterday. Taken the special tour and it was very informative. Very much impressed on the motives of the NASA for the betterment of humankind and environment. May the
    Lord Blesses in all it’s endevevour . We are eagerly awaiting ORION’S success.

  2. I wonder whether the capsule atop the Orion will be hosting astronauts for the whole journey to Mars, or it is just the reentry part of a bigger spacecraft.

  3. To see Orion and SLS as the flagship of human space endeavour is so inspiring. With Space X and Boeing soon to restore manned NEO Capability, I hope all agencies and others like Virgin Galactic will pool technologies and experiences to maximise our efforts to explore our Solar system.


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