Orion Back On The Move

The convoy escorting Orion to the launch pad is rolling again following a short stop in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building.┬áIn the future, the Vehicle Assembly Building will be more than a short pause for Orion – it will be the place where the spacecraft gets lifted and joined to the Space Launch System, NASA’s new heavy-lift┬árocket being designed to launch Orion and a crew of astronauts to deep space destinations including an asteroid and eventually Mars.

3 thoughts on “Orion Back On The Move”

    1. The Launch Abort System Facility is in Kennedy’s Industrial Area a short distance from the Operations and Checkout Building where Orion was assembled.

  1. Thanks for the reply. So if the Launch Abort System Facility is is in the industrial area why did its track to pad 37 take it past the VAB and LC-39B?

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