19 thoughts on “Booster Valves Will Be Recycled to Resolve Issue”

  1. Is “Recycled” NASA’s way of saying “We’re gonna try turning it off and then turn it back on again?”

  2. Ok it’s 12:45 am in Australia, way past my bedtime. Any idea how long this cycling of the fill-drain valves might take?

  3. The rocket science equivalent of, “Did you try turning it on and off again?” Hoping to see this launch today, but if not oh well. Better safe than sorry, especially with something this momentous.

  4. Don’t try to push it for political reasons. Call it a day, take a good look at the data, fix it, and try again when ready. Gotta get this one right.

  5. Sounds like they suspect it is just the position switch on the valve. They are notorious for acting up at cryo conditions. We had many problems with them on the Shuttle pneumatic valves.

  6. such excitement here in central FL. It will be so worth waiting for, although we’ve been through this before… next chance Friday 12-5, 2014. hope it is this morning smile

  7. This is so exciting! Haven’t seen a splashdown since I was a little girl. What a lovely surprise! Thank you for the coverage.

    Since the bleedin’ television networks do not seem to be providing any useful coverage, would it be possible in the future to make the video window a little bigger? Thank you.

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