Launch and Mission Control At Their Consoles

The teams of engineers and flight controllers that will conduct Orion’s flight test took their places about an hour ago at consoles here at Cape Canaveral and at Houston’s Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center. Everything from system checkouts and confirmations to the fueling process is done remotely by the controllers since no one is allowed at the launch pad during this final phase of the countdown. Once Orion leaves the launch pad, Mission Control takes over as it did during Space Shuttle missions.


6 thoughts on “Launch and Mission Control At Their Consoles”

  1. Just woke up & I’m very excited to watch from my favorite vantage point here in neighboring St. Augustine, FL! All best wishes to the premiere Orion launch!

  2. Following the Orion with interest – Followed the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle missions – and now Orion. Brings back many memories especially of the late night watching the moon landing. God speed Orion.

  3. Hope for a great journey of discovery… the farthest in the last 40 years.

    Keep it going team. A very good morning from Portugal to everyone there at the Cape.

    Go ORION!!!

  4. Did this eight times with Peacekeeper’s first eight launches from Vandenberg (1983-1985). Now I teach rocketry. Cool stuff and training the next gen.

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