40 thoughts on “Team Working Valve Issue”

  1. I’ve been waiting for launch Sat here watching on my tablet. Maybe you should let ESA do your work 🙂

    Fingers crossed for launch

    1. No offense to ESA but they bounced a Lander miles off target to land in a dead zone. These things happen lol.

  2. Of course it would be the core booster valve, looks like today is probably getting scraped. Only 44 minutes left to launch :/. Good luck guys

  3. Shouldn’t the UStream live feed be showing us groups of engineers and rocket scientists huddled around and pointing at computer screens while they work on this glitch?

    Keeping a good thought that you’ll get it worked out in time for a launch today…

  4. Guys, abort the mission and please take your time for the troubleshooting. Take another year or two or three if you must!! We don’t want another space rocket exploding!!

  5. What’s with all the gas escaping from the rocket booster tanks? How long can that go on before they have to refill them?

  6. Wishing you the very best. “Life” is normally a uphill path with a few fun downhill runs.
    Sitting on my roll off roof(observatory) patio roof to take great pics at the Chiefland Astronomy Village, Chiefland,Fl.
    Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of my present and future family.
    Have fath and keep up the good work!

  7. Much as I’d like to see this candle lit before I head to work, I’m just hoping they slip the launch if any “go’s” are iffy. Orion may be unmanned today, but there’s a lot of work, time, and (of course) money wrapped up in that ship. Praying it all goes right & they can get a man in the can while I’m still around to see it! I was 3 years old when last we left Earth’s orbiit.

  8. to all the haters, the best minds for this UNPRECEDENTED next step in manned spaceflight are there @NASA working on it, so if you think you can do better by all means join NASA..otherwise let’s cross fingers that they can fix this issue and light the damn match to this candle!!!!

  9. Come on guys! You can do this! You’re some of the best minds in the World. But then again, I’d rather make sure that everything works perfectly, even it if is delayed, to make sure that when you send my son (he wants to be an astronaut), this will work perfectly.

  10. As I sat watching the initial prep to countdown, I actually started to get a little choked up. Proud to see my country back in the game of sending up these launch vehicles. As a kid I sat there watching my great aunt’s color TV (the only one in her small community) as Apollo 11 went through the countdown and launch. I stayed glued to the TV throughout the entire mission. Watching Orion on the launch platform brought back some great memories. Those feelings were rekindled with the shuttle missions and it broke my heart to watch that program retire without another directly in the queue to take its place. with Orion, we can now stick a finger right back in Putin’s face. Good job NASA.

  11. Hi, good luck on the valve issue, you guys are streaming some nice images from several positions….greeting from the Netherlands. Peter G.C. Janssens, BSc, Senior Electrical Design Engineer-2, ASML, Veldhoven, the Netherlands

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