18 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Plan Established”

  1. Have you cycled the muffler bearings with the left hand monkey wrench yet? splash a little prop wash on it and all should be well……

  2. Great! Hope this troubleshooting plan works well. We are awaiting for the positive response and counting down the launch.

  3. Any new progress? TXT message is ok. No need video now. Could we launch it this morning? Mean local time.

  4. Thailand 2014 12 04 21:20 1420 UTC.

    Dear Sir,
    As the live feed from Nasa has ended here, (I´m receiving a New Zealand stream),
    your remarks make my day, as I am awaiting CNN covering of the launch
    All the best! 🙂
    klereskog, SWR

  5. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s happening; I appreciate the time you are taking from your work to post to this blog.

  6. Launch time is rescheduled to same time of tomorrow! Wish the issue will be resolved soon and everything is OK for launch. Human to Mars is a long journey, but if we know the right window, it just a very tiny step!
    Could we establish a tunnel along the peak of Himalayas mountain? It could shorten the distance and save launch energy, and we could use the electromagnetic accelerator to speed up spacecraft to a very high speed to leave earth. The launch cost will be very low, and we human could launch it even a few times a day! We could send cargo craft, research craft, each day and send them to every where in space. Contact China for cooperation!

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