5 thoughts on “Boat Crews Gathering Main Chutes”

  1. WOW! Blessings to you all for all you do for this world even though everyone does not realize – I am a space age baby (63 yrs now) and cannot believe the amazing work going on – just got to visit the Space Center last month – wish I could come again. AMAZING!!!!!!

  2. WOW! Great Job from everyone involved!
    Good to see that our tax dollars support human progress!
    I shed a couple tears every time I watch the launch…

  3. WOW! I was told that the Orion concept was Canceled….. I am so glad to see that this information was incorrect and that AMERICA is on its way to MARS and BEYOND. This was a real shot in the ARM for American Pride. With all the tragedy that is happening in our society and as it seemed that America has lost her way today this mission rejuvenated my belief that the Republic will live on, GOD bless THE USA.

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