6 thoughts on “LIFTOFF! Orion Begins New Era in Space Exploration!”

  1. I’m really glad it’s happening. But guys you should have done something about your tv. It stopped streaming a few seconds before the launch and I missed it. It is such a unique event. It’s terribly frustaiting. I just hope I’ll be able to see the landing. Congrats anyway!

  2. Thank you, guys! Thank you for loving space and adventure and have a big enough vision to pursue this in your life and for letting us be a part of something so historic and monumental. To everyone there involved with NASA in any way, my family says: We love you, we thank God for you and we believe in you always!! *virtual hugs to everyone*

  3. This would’ve made my day if the NASA TV feed wasn’t so flimsy. 4 seconds before launch the feed died. Brilliant.

  4. Had the kids up early to watch, everyone was super excited. We were using the NASA TV app on our iPad. However, the feed died just before launch. By the time we noticed the image was frozen, we had missed the launch. Try explaining that to a 4 yr old and 6 yr old. Fortunately watched separation on UStream on a laptop and then a replay of the launch later, but this was very, very disappointing for them. Would like a public acknowledgement of this problem.

    If your app is going to fail, please tell people to watch launches elsewhere.

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